Select a Culture dialog box

If you are editing project settings, use this dialog box to set the search behavior for the project, as well as the language and date/time format for the notifications that are sent out by Project Center and the forms that are generated for the project.

If you are editing a project team member, use this dialog box to set the language for any notifications that are sent to the project team member that are not project-specific, such as Info Exchange account notifications and password reset instructions.

Region Name

Select your region from the list.


Select your region's culture from the list.

Template Identifier

The name of the associated form template.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:

        Click Change next to the Culture field in the Admin tab of the Create a New Project dialog box or the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

        Click Culture from the Add New Project Team Member dialog box or the Modify Project Team Member dialog box.


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