Newforma to Newforma Overview

Newforma to Newforma (N2N) enables your company to seamlessly connect to other companies that use Project Center to streamline the coordination and exchange of critical project information. By using a direct, secure communications channel between the Project Center Servers and Info Exchange Servers within each company’s corporate firewall, N2N enables a fully integrated and transparent mode of delivering project information without compromising control of it.

Getting started

Refer to the following topics to connect your company to another company using Project Center and begin transferring files:

        The Newforma to Newforma Quick Reference Guide

        This topic contains information on getting started and using N2N quickly.

        Connect Companies and Projects Using Newforma to Newforma

        This topic describes how to enable N2N and connect to another company and its projects. It explains the one-time connection process that allows Project Center users to securely connect thei rNewforma to Newforma Overview Info Exchange Servers to each other.

        Transfer Files Between Connected Companies

        This topic explains how to transfer files seamlessly between two connected companies.

        Use Newforma to Newforma for Connected Workflow of Contract Management Items

        This topic explains how to transfer RFIs, submittals, and other contract management items between two connected companies.

You can also share action items with other companies via N2N.


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