Info Exchange Quick Reference Guide

This topic provides a reference for the Project Center Info Exchange activity center.

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An easy alternative to the FTP server, with additional logging, tracking, notifications, and document expiration management built in.


Anyone in your organization that needs to send, receive and track file transfers of any type or size.

Tasks covered

        Send file transfers

        Manage file transfers

        Add external users to the project team

        Receive file transfers


To send file transfers

1.     Go to the Info Exchange activity center. From the Tasks panel, select Create File Transfer.

2.     In the Transfer Files to Info Exchange dialog box, select whether or not you want to create a transmittal for the file transfer and click OK.

3.     In the Transfer Files to a Newforma Info Exchange Server dialog box, shown below, enter recipients in the To: field.

Info Exchange transfers can be sent to any email address. Recipients do not need to be part of the Project Team, although it is recommended.

4.     Add a Subject for the transfer.

5.     Select the Files to Transfer tab and Add Files or Add Folder of files to send.

6.     Select Transfer.

7.     On the next screen, select the appropriate visibility, expiration and notification options. Select Edit to change expiration and notification settings.

8.     Click OK to transfer the files.


To manage file transfers

You can monitor the activity of a file transfer from the Info Exchange activity center.

1.     To see who has downloaded files, select the desired transfer and then select the Change Log tab.


To add external users to the project team

Add external users to the project team so they can send you files via the Info Exchange website and benefit from the same tracking and reliability.

External users must be a member of the project team with web access to this project in order to send files via Info Exchange.

1.     Go to the Project Team activity center and select Add Team Members > From Contacts from the Tasks panel.

2.     Select the check box for the team member in the Choose New Team Members from Global Contact List dialog box and click OK.

3.     In the Add Project Team Members dialog box, select the Allow Web Access to this Project on Your Info Exchange Server checkbox and click OK.

The first time an external user is given web access to any of your projects, the user automatically receives an email with login credentials.

External users can only see items sent directly to/by them on Info Exchange.


To receive file transfers

When someone sends you files via your Info Exchange website, you will receive an email notification. You can follow the link in the email to receive or acknowledge the transfer.

1.     In the Info Exchange activity center, highlight the Pending Incoming Transfer. Select Acknowledge Receipt  from the Tasks panel to acknowledge receipt of the transfer.

When the Project Center Server is configured to automatically download file transfers from Info Exchange, you will see the Acknowledge Receipt option. The files are already downloaded and available on the Transferred Files tab. If the server is not configured to automatically download file transfers, the Receive Pending File Transfer task appears. Select it to download the file transfer.

2.     View and open the files from the Transferred Files tab.


For additional information on how external users work with Info Exchange, please refer to the Newforma Info Exchange Quick Start Guide for External Users.

Key features

        Manage the transmittal process and share information easily, no matter what the file size.

        Log and track all published information; send notifications and manage file expiration.

        Support external team members with easy, web-based access to transmittals, submittals, RFIs, and more.


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