Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Timeline Item form

This printable form displays the contents of the selected project timeline or meeting minutes item.


This section lists the item's name, number, organizer, attendees, date, subject, location, team members, keywords, and comments, as well as the agenda and meeting minutes if it a meeting minutes form.


Click to print this form.

Save as

Click to open the Save As dialog box to create and save a PDF file of this form.

Next Action

Mark the checkbox to open the Send Options dialog box to choose how to send a .PDF file of the meeting and whether to record a transmittal for it.


To access this form

You can access this form in the following ways:

  • Select a project timeline item, then click View Form from the Tasks panel of the Project Timeline activity center.

  • Select a meeting minutes item, the click View Form from the Tasks panel of the Meeting Minutes activity center.

  • In Microsoft Outlook, select an Outlook item linked to  project timeline item (the Subject line is tagged),  then click Actions, View from the Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook Toolbar.