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Log a Received Submittal dialog box

Use this dialog box to log a received submittal electronically in Project Center. You can:

  • Record data related to a submittal such as specification section, response due date, description, and lead time.

  • Record an exchange of files related to a specified construction requirement;

  • Record the exchange of physical materials related to a specified construction requirement;

  • Track a submittal’s status and history of actions.


Click to open the Choose Project Team Members dialog box to select the project team members the submittal was sent to. The current user is entered by default. You can also type email addresses directly in this field.

1   Project Center uses the To field  to send reminders about the submittal. If you are logging a submittal that you received via email and it has multiple submittals that apply to multiple projects, make sure to only include team members who are on the project you are logging the submittal for. Otherwise, reminders will be sent to team members on other projects.


Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to select the contact who sent the submittal. You can also type email addresses directly in this field. If you are logging this submittal from an Info Exchange file transfer or an email message, the contact who sent it is automatically entered in this field.


Enter the subject of the submittal.

Due Date

Mark the checkbox and enter the date that a response is due back to the sender of the submittal, if applicable.


Mark the checkbox to add this item to the email notification message sent out by Project Center reminding you to respond back to the contact who sent the submittal. Select the number of business days before a response is due, which appears in the email message and in the Open Items tab of the My Project Center activity center.

1   Reminders can be sent to both internal and external project team members. The frequency at which reminders are sent is set in the General tab of the Project Center Administration activity center Servers tab. Reminders can disabled per project in the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

1   Remind is not available if the option is disabled for the project or in the Project Center Administration activity center.

Spec Section

Click to open the Choose Spec Section dialog box to select a specification section. You can edit it the codes in this field.


Select the date the submittal was received. The current date is entered by default.


Select the action to take on this submittal.


Enter an ID number for the submittal.

Sender ID

Enter the number the contractor gave to the submittal.

Package ID

Enter the ID number of the submittal package. The package ID provides the ability to identify submittals that are entered into Project Center individually for tracking purposes, but have been sent (or received) under one identifying ID. By entering the package ID, you can easily sort the submittal log to view the status of the submittals that were sent in the package.

Received Via

Select the method in which you received this submittal from the drop-down list.

Need Onsite By

Select the date that the submittal materials are needed at the site.

Lead Time

Enter the amount of time that it will take to get the materials from the manufacturer.

Originated By

Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to select the contact who originated the submittal.


Click to open the Choose Disciplines dialog box to apply disciplines to the submittal.


Click to open the Choose Contract dialog box to select the contract the submittal is associated with.

Remarks tab

Enter detailed comments in this field.

Internal Notes

Enter any personal notes in this field.

1   Internal notes are not sent in email notifications, and do not appear in forms, but they are tracked in the Remarks tab of the Submittals activity center.


Received Files tab

Add any electronic files that were sent with the submittal in this tab. The files may be from a CD, DVD, or other media.

Add Files

Click to open the Add Files dialog box to locate and attach a file to the submittal.

Add Folder

Click to open the Select Folder dialog box to add a folder and all of its contents to the submittal.


Click to remove the selected file from the submittal.


The name of the file.


The file's type.


The file's size.

Date Modified

The date the file was last modified.


The full path to the location of the file.


Save Record Copy in

When you file a change order, a record copy of it is saved in this location as a .ZIP file. You can enter a new location.


Description of Contents tab/Email Log tab/Supporting Documents tab/Related Items tab/Change Log tab

Refer to the Forward Submittal for Review dialog box for a description of these tabs.

Review Order

Click to open the Set Review Order dialog box to set the order in which the project team members review the submittal.


Enter any keywords to apply to the submittal in this field.

Click to spell check the fields in this dialog box. If any mistakes are found, the Spelling Check dialog box opens with spelling suggestions.

Next Action

Mark this checkbox to choose whether to forward the submittal to another contact, or to record a reviewer response after editing the submittal.


Click to save the changes to the submittal.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways: