Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Subscribe to External Communication dialog box

Use this dialog box to subscribe to be notified when selected external project team members transfer project items.

External Project Team Members

Mark the checkboxes of the external project team members that you want to subscribe to. By doing this, you will be notified whenever the selected external project team members log an item to the project. It doesn't matter how the item was created - it could be manually logged, logged from an email, or transferred via Info Exchange.

When items from the external team members you have subscribed to have been logged, the user logging those items will be prompted to notify anyone who has subscribed to the external project team members.

1   You can sort the list by clicking any of the column headers.

Show Group Members

Mark this checkbox to list the members of the project groups.


To access this dialog box

Click Subscribe to External Communication from the Tasks panel of the Project Team activity center.