Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Projects Overview

Projects are the primary method by which information is accessed and organized in Project Center. Projects are created by specifying key information such as Project Name, Project Number, Status, and Type. You must create a project before you can use the Project Center features.

One of the most important components of a Project Center project is the location of the files associated with it on your company’s network. A project can combine and consist of several network folder locations, each of which is entered as a root project folder beneath which the files and sub-folders are then grouped together in one place in the project.

A key aspect of Project Center is that it does not require you to move, modify, or restructure your network-stored project data. Instead, you simply create projects that reference the project data as it is currently structured on your firm’s central file server, making it accessible from one central location, no matter where all of the folders and files are actually located throughout your network.

For example, let's say your company has a hundred networked computers, each storing folders and files related to a building project. To keep track of all of those files for communication purposes would be a logistical nightmare. Project Center projects enable you to group related folders and files, and view and manage them as if they were all located in one place. When you create a project and add files, the actual source files are not moved, affected, or altered in any way. (You can, however, rename, copy, move, and delete files after they are in a project just like you can in Windows Explorer.) Projects simply create a "snapshot" at that moment in time of all of your files and gather them into one easy-to-use area. You can then use Project Center to manage, search, and compare the files.

Once a project is defined in Project Center, project team members can access the project and all of its data right from Project Center. Instead of browsing through network volumes and folder structures, team members can quickly access the project from the My Project Center activity center.

After the project is created, key project processes are enabled for Project Center users, including:

Project document management

As files are added, removed, and modified, the Newforma Project Center Server automatically re-indexes them. Unlike conventional document management systems, there is no ongoing maintenance or tagging required to manage your project files in Project Center.

Project permissions

Project Center uses Windows permissions to govern access to projects. To open a project in Project Center, users must have at least Read permissions in Windows to the Project Folders (set in the Create Project dialog box and the Edit Project Settings dialog box). If you do not have permission to view the Project Folders, you may see the project in your project list, but will not be able to open the project.

1   Windows permissions are also used to determine which sub-folders within a project users have access to. If you have sensitive data that you want to limit access to (such as for the search feature or the Project Files activity center), simply store it in a network folder with the appropriate permissions.

Project icons

Projects are represented by the following icons:

    • The icon represents active projects.

    • The icon represents opportunity projects.

    • The icon represents archived projects.

    • The icon represents offline projects.

    • The icon represents projects that are being repinned.

To create a project

Click Create a New Project from the Tasks panel of the Project Center Administration activity center to open the Create a New Project dialog box. The Project Center project information is stored in the database. After you create a project, the Project Home activity center opens, from which you can access the other Project Center features, including organizing the project into smaller, more defined groups using document sets.

Other options are also available to create projects. You can also create projects from Deltek Vision.