Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Folder Permissions

To open project files in Project Center, users need at least Read permissions (set in Windows) for the folders listed in the Project Folders field in the Create a New Project dialog box and the Edit Project Settings dialog box. Users who have only Read permissions for the project folders will be able to open and view project files, but they will not be able to edit them. To open and modify project files, the project must have a status of Active or Opportunity (set in the Edit Project Settings dialog box), and the user needs both Read and Write permissions for the folder (set by a network administrator).

Project Center permissions are based on the underlying Windows permissions. Users can view and modify files in Project Center as long as they have Read and Write permissions in Windows to the folders the files are in. The same security model applied in Windows to restrict access to files applies in Project Center.

For example, if there is a folder called \Confidential in each project that is used by project managers and administrators to store sensitive data, simply restrict Read and Write access to those two user groups in Windows. Users without those permissions will not see the folder or its contents in Project Center. More specifically:

  • The Project Files activity center will not display the restricted folder to users who do not have access rights to it.

  • Search will not display matches it finds in the restricted folder to the users, while users who have at least  Read access to the folder will see the matches.

  • If the folder is added as an additional project email folder in the Edit Project Settings dialog box, only users with Read and Write access to the folders will see them in Microsoft Outlook under their Newforma – Items to File folder.