Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Create Projects

There are two basic ways to create new projects in Project Center – you can create a single project or batch create multiple projects. Each method has different variations. Use the following information to decide which approach is right for you.

1   You must be a Project Center Global administrator or project creator to create projects.

To create a single project

Create a new project manually

Use this method to create your first project, manually setting all of the project's parameters to reflect your needs and standards. Once you have created and configured your first Project Center project, you can save time when creating additional projects by exporting that project’s settings to a project template, then modifying the template for the settings that will change from project to project, as explained in the next section below.

You can also create a new project manually if you need to create a particular project that is different from your normal processes due to some project-specific circumstances.

Create a project from a template

Use this method to create projects from a template.  A project template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains the settings Project Center needs to create projects. A sample spreadsheet is available, but the easiest way to create a template for future projects is to first create a new project manually as explained above, and then export that project’s settings to a template. Then, using Excel, modify the settings of the project template to reflect the appropriate settings each time you create a new project from the template.


To batch create multiple projects

Batch create multiple projects from templates

Use this method to create multiple projects at once when there is no SQL data source (such as Deltek Vision or Microsoft Access) from which you can retrieve project settings. In this case, you will have to provide all of the project settings required to initiate a Project Center project by some combination of standard default settings and project-specific settings that are defined in a series of templates.

Using master templates with embedded SQL queries

Use this method to create multiple projects at once when you have a SQL data source (such as Deltek Vision or Microsoft Access) from which you can query key project settings, such as project number, project name, project description, primary and secondary project folder locations, project team membership, etc. You can specify the queries required to retrieve key project settings from the SQL data source in a default template, assuring consistency in basic project information and the rapid creation of a number of Project Center projects. If you are interested in Deltek project integration, or displaying Deltek Vision financial information via a Project Center custom activity summary tab, please send an email message to for more information.