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Deltek Vision Project Integration Overview

Just as Project Center enables its users to effectively manage technical project information and project delivery processes, Deltek® customers rely on Deltek Vision® to help them manage financial information and business processes in their project-based businesses. Together, Deltek Vision and Project Center help bridge the gap between business processes and project execution, giving project managers and project teams a more holistic view of their project-based business.

Newforma's Deltek Vision integration partners offer the following types of integration (for a fee):

        Project integration

        Contact integration

        Company integration

        Timeline integration

The main benefits of integration include:

        Information added to one system is quickly added to the other. The project team no longer has to wait for changes in Deltek Vision to appear in Project Center. As soon as information is added to Deltek Vision, it is automatically added and/or updated in Project Center for projects, contacts, and the project timeline.

        Avoiding duplicate data entry mistakes. When information is added to more than one system manually, the risk of data entry mistakes increases. With integration, information added to Deltek Vision is automatically added to Project Center, eliminating data entry mistakes.

        The project team has information at their fingertips. Project Center users can now see the information most important to them without having to use two systems. With projects, contacts, the project timeline, and the ability to view financial information all from within Project Center, there is little need to learn two applications.


The following topics explain the integration available between Newforma Project Center and Deltek Vision:

        Integrate Projects from Deltek Vision

        Integrate Contacts from Deltek Vision

        Integrate Companies from Deltek Vision

        Integrate Deltek Vision Phases and Tasks into the Project Timeline

        Create a Project Activity  Summary Tab for Deltek Vision

If you are interested in project, contact, company, or project timeline integration, please send an email message to for more information.

Known integration limitations

        Within the project team table, the list of group names is limited to 128 characters.

        When creating or updating a project, it is possible to create new global contacts within the project team table. These new global contacts do not have any source descriptors defined. A subsequent update of the contact information from any contact editing dialog box or a contact import will set the source descriptor to a non-empty value.

        The project description field is limited to 1024 characters of plain text.

Prerequisites for Deltek Vision Integration

        Deltek Vision 5.x, 6.x, 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 On-Premise

        Hosted Vision implementations are NOT supported

        Permissions to create company/contact/project/workflows