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Integrate Contacts from Deltek Vision

Integrating contacts leverages Deltek Vision’s workflow capabilities in conjunction with web services hosted on your Newforma Info Exchange Server. The Deltek workflow interacts with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that contain SQL queries. These spreadsheets export information from Deltek Vision via embedded SQL commands. The information in these spreadsheets is then processed by the Newforma web service to create or update the project information contained in Project Center.

Contact integration services provided by Newforma include the following:

  • Creating the workflow in Deltek;

  • Creating the Excel Spreadsheet with embedded SQL queries;

  • Testing the workflow and SQL queries.


  • Integration eliminates delays. Contacts added to Deltek Vision are quickly added to Project Center. This ensures contacts added to Deltek Vision are available to Project Center users.

  • Adding and/or updating information in Deltek Vision automatically adds/updates the information in Project Center. This eliminates the possibility information is incorrectly added to Project Center.

Next steps

If you are interested in project, contact, or project timeline integration, or displaying Deltek Vision financial information in a Project Center custom activity summary, please send an email message to for more information.