Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Project Item Locks dialog box

Use this dialog box to see which Project Center items are locked in the current project, and to unlock locked items.

Project Center automatically locks items when they are opened by a user. Locking items prevents multiple users from updating an item at the same time. When an item is opened, other users will still be able to open a read-only version of the item, but will not be able to edit it.


The subject of the locked item.


The ID number of the locked item.


The locked item's type.

Locked by

The name of the user who has the item open.

Email Address

The user's email address.

Lock Acquired

The date the item was locked.


The program on which the item is being edited, for example a field note on Info Exchange.


Click to update the list.


Click to forcibly release the lock on the selected item. An email message opens that you can send to the user who had the item open to inform that user that the item was unlocked and can no longer be edited.

1   Forcing a user to unlock an item may result in the user losing any work done on the item.


To access this dialog box

Click Show Project Item Locks from the Tasks panel of the Project Home activity center.