Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Publish Files dialog box

Use this dialog box to print or create .PDFs of one or more project files.

Output Format

Send to Printer

Choose this option to print the files on your printer.


The name of the printer you are printing to.

Change Printer

Click to open the Print dialog box to select a different printer.

Paper Size

The paper size selected from the Print dialog box, which is accessed by clicking Change Printer.

Create PDF

Choose this option to output the files to separate .PDF files.

Combine Files into a Single PDF

Mark this checkbox to combine all files into a single .PDF.

1   When publishing multiple files to a single .PDF, bookmarks are created for each file that is published. For .PDF files, the bookmark title is the same as the .PDF title and any existing bookmarks are copied over. For other file types, .PDF is appended to the file name. For example, when converting: hello.dwg becomes hello_dwg.pdf. If there are two or more files with the same name, a number is appended to the end: \\hello.dwg, \\..\\hello.dwg, and \\..\\..\\hello.dwg ) become hello_dwg_1.pdf, hello_dwg_2.pdf, and hello_dwg_3.pdf. Refer to the notes below for other important information.

Paper Size

Select the paper size from the drop-down list.

Ignore Lineweight

Mark this checkbox to ignore the drawing line weights and render them the smallest size possible to prevent overlapping in .PDFs. This method is recommended.

For example, in the Newforma Viewer, a line weight of two pixels appears as two pixels on the screen for AutoCAD and Microstation files, no matter how much you zoom in or out. As you zoom in or out, the line appears the same width. .PDFs don’t follow that rule. As you zoom into a .PDF, the line becomes thicker. This becomes a problem when you try to publish a large, detailed AutoCAD drawing to a .PDF. In a PDF, the lines become thicker and overlap each other as you zoom in. For example, if you have a line weight of 10, and two vertical lines at x = 0 and x = 5, the lines will overlap in a .PDF. Use this option to prevent that from happening.

Embed File Links

If a markup session contains hyperlinks, mark this checkbox to embed the actual file into the .PDF file. Marking this checkbox takes any hyperlinks to Project Center items (such as submittals) and embeds the items as HTML files. Other files that are linked to are embedded into the .PDF file.

If you clear this checkbox, standard hyperlinks to files are inserted in the .PDF file. Hyperlinks to Project Center items open the item in Project Center when users double-click the links.

1   Using the Embed File Links option could make the size of the .PDF much larger, depending on the size of the embedded files.

Publishing Options

Include All Open Markup Sessions

Mark this checkbox to find and print all open markup sessions that have been created for the drawing you are printing.  For example, if File1markup, File2markup, and File3markup were created using Base.DWG as the source, and they all have a status of Open, all three markup sessions will appear overlayed on the drawing in the output when you mark this checkbox and publish Base.DWG.


Select Files to Publish and Define Publish Order

Mark the checkboxes of the files you want to print. You can set the print order by selecting files and clicking Move Up and Move Down to place them in the order you want.

1   Certain file types will be disabled in the list if they are not supported by the Newforma Viewer (such as .MSG, .DOC, .XLS, and .PPT files) when creating a .PDF, or if Windows does not know how to natively print the selected file when you send it to a printer. If you right-click on a file in Windows Explorer, a menu opens. If there is a Print command, the file is supported here. Files for which the Print command does not appear, or are not supported by the Newforma Viewer, are not supported here and are disabled in the list.


Click to begin printing. If you are publishing to a .PDF, a dialog box will open in which you can select the folder in which to save the .PDF file.

1   If a file you are publishing is setup for landscape orientation, be aware that even if you change the page orientation to portrait in Project Center, it will still print in landscape. The page orientation setting applies to CAD drawings that the Newforma Viewer prints. If you use anything besides the Newforma Viewer, Project Center has no control of how it is printed.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in any of the following ways: