Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Generate an Activity Center Log Report

You can generate a report from any activity center and export it to the format of your choice. Perform the following steps to create an activity center log report.

To create a report


Open the activity center you want to create a report for.


Customize the activity center the way you want it to appear in  the report.


Click Create a Report from the Tasks panel to open the Create a Report dialog box, as shown here:


For most activity centers, Log Report will be the only report option. However, Specialized Report is available for contracts, and will be also be available if your company created custom report templates. See Create a Specialized Contract or RFI Report and Configure Project Center to Use Custom Report Templates for more information.


You can edit the Title field.


Choose the output type for the report (Word, Excel, .PDF file, etc.).


Click the Formatting tab and configure the report as desired.


Click OK to create the report.