Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Reports Overview

Project Center comes with a default report template named standardreport.xlsx. It is located on the Project Center Server machine under Templates\Tenth Edition. Use this report to summarize and communicate project information, as well as to record project information at a point in time. You can generate a log report from each activity center. The information that appears in each report is based on the activity center from which you generated the report.

1   Contracts come with additional report templates. The specialized reports for contracts are located under Templates\Tenth Edition\Contracts\Report Templates. You can access them from the Create a Report dialog box when it is opened in the Contracts activity center.

All reports can be viewed in your browser, as well as opened and saved in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. You can also print reports, save them to a .PDF file, or send them in an email message.

To view and generate reports

See Generate an Activity Center Log Report or Create a Multi-Project Report.

To generate report specialized for contracts or RFIs

Generate a Specialized Contract or RFI Report

To configure the appearance of reports

See Customize Log Reports.

To use a different report template in a project or activity center

Apply a New Report Template Style to a Project or Activity Center

To select a custom template for a multi-project report

Select a Custom Template for a Multi-Project Report

Custom report templates

Project Center allows you to create and use custom report templates for each activity center. To do this, the person creating the custom report templates must have an advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and know how to use Smart Markers.

To customize Excel-based specialized reports with Smart Markers

Open the Customizing Excel Specialized Reports Templates User Guide Word document and refer to the following two Excel files: Specialized Report Template - Log with Details and Specialized Report Template - Log Only.


To use Aspose Smart Markers

Aspose Smart Markers can be placed in an Excel spreadsheet that contains visual formatting styles and formulas. Smart Markers reference data sources that can be merged into the spreadsheet programmatically. Smart Markers make report templates easier to customize and provide automatic filling of formulas and subtotals in a spreadsheet. See for more information about Smart Markers.

To use your own custom report templates in activity centers

See Configure Project Center to Use Custom Report Templates in Activity Centers.