Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Relate Project Center Items to Each Other

Perform the following steps to manually link any item created in Project Center to another Project Center item to relate them to each other.

To link Project center items to each other to create a relationship


Open the Project Center activity center containing the item you want to link. This example uses the Project Document Sets activity center.


You can locate items to link in either of the following two ways:

        Select the item from the log, click its Related Items tab, and click Relate to > Another Project Item, as shown here:



        Right-click on the item you want to create a relationship to from the activity center log, then select Related Items > Relate to > Another Project Item, as shown here:



In the Select Project Item dialog box, select the type of item you want to link to from the Look in field.


Select the item to link to from the list of items, then click OK to create the relationship. The items will be listed in each other's Related Items tabs.


There are various other ways to automatically link Project Center project items together to establish related item relationships: