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Punch Lists Overview

Punch lists are the lists of repairs, finish work, and problems to correct required to complete a large project, such as the construction of a building. Use the Punch List activity center along with spaces and the Spatial Index activity center to create and track punch lists.

  • Punch lists are incomplete or unacceptable construction items that when fixed usually complete the obligations of the contractor under a construction contract.

  • Punch lists detail items to be fixed, which are compiled by a buyer prior to closing on a property.

  • Punch lists are construction deficiencies recorded during the final inspection that must be corrected by the contractor prior to project acceptance.

Punch list functionality is also available on Info Exchange and as a mobile app.

Newforma Punch List Mobile app

Created for architects, engineers, and contractors in the field, Newforma Punch List Mobile is a mobile app available for the iPad and Android® tablet that is used to capture, manage, assign, and verify punch lists while on location. Eliminating the need for paper and pencil, it leverages the integrated camera, video, markup, and communication functions of the tablet and integrates seamlessly back and forth with Project Center and Newforma Info Exchange to allow you and your project team to track and resolve punch lists with maximum efficiency. Refer to the Newforma Punch List Help and Newforma Mobile Apps topics for more information and to get started.

Punch list roles and process



Punch list process overview