Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Spatial Index Overview

Use Project Center's Spatial Index activity center to create spaces that track and index rooms, areas, and spaces from Autodesk Revit models. You can analyze various aspects of a project using the spatial index, such as site, building, level, and room, for example. You can also track standard properties from Revit, including room name, number, type, occupancy, department; wall, floor, and ceiling finish, as well as area, volume and perimeter.

You can populate the spatial index in the following ways:

  • Manually in the Spatial Index activity center;

  • By importing a list from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet;

  • By synchronizing rooms/areas/spaces from a Revit model using the Newforma Project information Link.

1   The spatial index is not a space planning or programming tool.

Using spaces with punch lists

The spatial index is also used to populate space information in punch lists. Space names, numbers, and types are used for defining punch lists to pinpoint locations and are listed in the Punch List activity center.