Transmittal form

This form displays the contents and the history of transfers for the selected transmittal. You can print out this form to send as a transmittal cover letter to the recipients.

When transferring files, the files in the transmittal are grouped by folder then listed alphabetically.


This section lists the associated project's name and number, the contact who sent the transmittal, the transmittal's ID number, the recipients of the transmittal, how it was sent, the subject, purpose, and any remarks.


This section lists the contents of the transmittal.



Click to print this transmittal form.


Click to open the Create a Report dialog box to create a transmittal report.


If there is more than one recipient, all recipients appear in the To section by default. If you want to include only one recipient in the To section, select the recipient from the drop-down list. All other recipients will be moved to the CC field. If you then want to hide all other recipients, mark the Hide Other Recipients checkbox.

Hide Other Recipients

Mark this checkbox to hide all other recipients other than the one selected in the Recipient field. They will not appear in this form until this checkbox is cleared.


To access this form

You can access this form in the following ways:


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