Contacts Log

Use the Contacts log to manage and track all of the contacts available in your Project Center projects.

The Contacts log is only available to Project Center (internal) users.



Select  to modify the contact.


The full name of the contact. Select to view detailed contact information.


The name of the company the contact works for.

Email Address

The email address for the contact. Select the Email Address hyperlink to send an email to the contact.


The corresponding phone number. Select to initiate a call using a softphone if TAPI is installed and configured on your computer.


Additional fields

The following fields can be added to the Contacts log by selecting the Show/Hide Columns button to access the Field Chooser.

Address Type

The type of the address (mail, office, etc.).


The city for the contact's mailing address.

Company Web Site

The website for the contact's company. The address comes from the company record. Select the link to view the website.


The country for the contact's mailing address.


The department to which the contact is assigned.


Any disciplines assigned to the contact.


Indicates whether the contact is a contact group.

Job Title

The contact's job title.

Mailing Address

The contact's complete address including city and state.


Any additional information entered about the contact on the Notes tab.

Office Location

The company location assigned to the contact. Location is often used when the company has multiple sites.


Any roles assigned to the contact.


The state for the contact's mailing address.


The street for the contact's mailing address.


The zip or postal code for the contact's mailing address.



Log Page Tools

The following tools are available in the Contacts log toolbar. For more information, refer to Log Page Tools.


Add Contact

Select to open the Add Contact dialog box to add a new contact.


Select to export the items in this log.

Show/Hide Column Filters

Select  to toggle on/off the column filters.

Show/Hide Group By Panel

Select  to toggle on/off the group by panel.

Show/Hide Columns

Select  to access Drag to Change Columns to add or remove columns from the log grid.


To access this page

From the toolbar, select Directory> Contacts.


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