Contact Information Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to view contact information in Info Exchange.


Contact Name

The name of the selected contact.

Email Address

The email address assigned to the contact. The email address is a live link. Project team members can click the email address throughout Info Exchange to send the contact an email message.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for the contact. Click the link to view the location on a map.


Project Roles and Permissions tab

This tab displays information on the roles and permissions assigned to the contact for a specific project.

This tab is only available when you view contact information from the Project Team log page.

Company Role on Project  

Displays the role of the contact's company on the project.

Primary Contact on this Project?  

Indicates whether or not the contact is the primary contact for their company on the project.


The contact's assigned role for the project.

Project Status  

Displays whether the contact is active or inactive in the project.

You cannot add Inactive contacts to new project items.

Newforma Info Exchange Options  

This section displays information about the Newforma Info Exchange settings for the project.

        Allow web access to this Project on your Info Exchange Server - Determines if the contact has access to the project via Info Exchange.

        Member Visibility on Info Exchange - Displays what project member information is visible on Info Exchange.

        Visibility for Project Data - Displays visibility of project data on Info Exchange.

        Permission Set - Displays the permission set for the current user on Info Exchange.

        Project Team Groups - Displays any groups to which the contact is assigned. Project teams can be further defined into groups to simplify communication. Select the link to view the group members.

Contact Information tab


The name of the company assigned to the contact.

Office Location

The company location assigned to the contact. Location is often used when the company has multiple sites.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for the contact. Click the link to view the location on a map.

Address Type

The address type. Options are  Mailing, Office, Job Site.

Job Title

The contact's job title. 


The department to which the contact is assigned.


The discipline(s) to which the contact is assigned.


The role(s) to which the contact is assigned


The corresponding numbers for the contact.

Comments Tab

Displays any comments entered about the contact. Once a comment is saved, it cannot be modified.

Users with a Content Administrator license can add new comments.


The date the comment was added.


The creator of the comment.


Any comments/remarks added to the contact.

Related To

The project name for which the comment was added to the contact.


Notes Tab

Displays any additional text or images that are important for your contact information.


Custom Fields tab

This tab displays any custom fields created by the administrator for contacts.


Project Assignments

This tab displays the projects to which the contact is assigned.


The project number.


The project name.


The project type.


The project phase.


The current project status.

Custom fields created for projects also appear on this tab.


Change Log

This tab displays a history of the actions taken for the contact, including when it was created, modified, who was involved, and any details.


The field that was changed.


The date the change was made.


The user who made the change.


The process used to make the change.

Old Value

The previous value of the field.

New Value

The changed value of the field.

Related To

The project item the change was related to.


To access this dialog box

Select a project team member name hyperlink throughout Info Exchange.


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