Add Field Note dialog box

Use this dialog box to create a new field note.  


Enter the subject of the field note.


The ID number of the field note. You can edit it.


Select the date the field note was created. The current date is selected by default.


Select the drop-down list to open the Select Project Team Members as Recipients dialog box to select the author of the field note.  You can use the filters on any of the columns to quickly locate the desired contact. The current user is the default.


Select the keywords to apply to the site visit from the drop-down list.


Remarks tab

Enter any comments about the field note in this tab.



Select Save to save the field note and continue editing.

The title of the dialog box changes to Modify Field Note once you save it.

Save and Close

Select Save and Close to save the field note and return to the Field Notes log.


To access this dialog box

Select Add Field Note from the Field Notes log.


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