Set Up Shared Folders

Perform the following steps to set up shared folders on Info Exchange.

To set up shared folders

        The Shared Folders log must be configured to display on Info Exchange for the current project. To configure the project to display the log on Info Exchange, please see Make a Project Center Project and Its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.

        You must be a member of the project team. To add a new member to the project team, please see Add New Project Team Members.

        You must have access to the project on Info Exchange. To grant access to the project on Info Exchange to project team members, please see Add New Project Team Members.

        You must be assigned to a permission set that grants access to view the Shared Folders log. For information on assigning a project team member to a permission set, please see Permission Sets.

        The shared folder's Upload Options must be configured to allow users to create and rename subfolders, and to drag and drop files to shared folders. For information on configuring shared folder upload options, please see the Create Shared Folder dialog box.






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