Contact Profile

Use this page to view your profile information. External and internal (Project Center) users see the same information unless otherwise noted.


Your contact name.

Email Address

Your email address. The email address is a live link. Project team members can select the email address throughout Info Exchange to send you an email message.


Contact Information tab


The name of the company assigned to you. Select the link to open the Company Information dialog box.

Office Location

Your assigned office location. Location is often used when the company has multiple sites.

Mailing Address

Your mailing address. Select the link to view the location on a map.

Address Type

The address type. Options are  Mailing, Office, Job Site.

Time Zone

Your time zone. Select the appropriate time zone from the drop-down list.


Allows you to disable general reminders. When you disable the reminders, you will continue to receive the reminder on specific items, though the scheduled general reminder notification for all open items will not be sent.


Select the Change Password link to open the Change Password page and change your password.

This field is only available to external users.

Job Title

Your job title. 


The department to which you are assigned.


The discipline(s) to which you are assigned.

This field is only available for internal users.


The role(s) to which you are assigned.

This field is only available for internal users.


Your corresponding numbers.

Preferred Language

The language you prefer for email notifications.

Custom Fields tab

This tab displays any custom fields created by the administrator for contacts.

Project Assignments tab

This tab displays the projects to which the contact is assigned.


The project number.


The project name. Select the link to open the Project Description dialog box.


The project type.


The project phase.

Custom fields created for projects will appear on this tab as well.


The project status.

Cloud Delivery tab

Displays your Cloud Storage account assigned to each project.

You must have a Newforma ID to assign cloud storage accounts to your projects.

Project Number

The project number.

Project Name

The project name.


Your cloud service provider account assigned to the project.

Automatic Delivery

Indicates whether or not Info Exchange will automatically send all future transfers for the project to your account with your cloud service provider.

Account Folder

The name of the folder in your account with your Cloud Service Provider for the current project.


Additional tabs

The following tabs are only visible to internal users.

Comments tab

Displays any comments entered about the contact. Once a comment is saved, it cannot be modified.

Notes tab

Displays any additional text or images that are important for your contact information.

Change Log tab

This tab displays a history of the actions taken for your contact record, including when it was created, modified, who was involved, and any details.


The field that was changed.


The date the change was made.


The user who made the change.


The process used to make the change.

Old Value

The previous value of the field.

New Value

The changed value of the field.

Related To

The project item the change was related to.


Page Tools

The following tools are available in the Contact Profile page toolbar.


Select to open the Modify Contact Profile page to change your contact information.


Select to return to the Contacts log.

This option is only available for internal users.


To access this page

Select the My Profile link at the top of the Info Exchange window.


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