Edit Stamp Contents dialog box

Use this dialog box to edit the contents of the selected stamp file.

Stamp Name

The name of the .DWG file being used as the stamp.

Current Project

The project the stamp drawing belongs to.

Active Project Item

Select a project item to link the stamp to. For example, if the stamp has a field of SUBMITTAL_NAME, you would select the appropriate submittal. Click the button to open the Select Project Item dialog box to link the stamp to the related project item.

Stamp Height

The stamp height specifies the size of the stamp. Sheet units refer to the units of the source drawing. It is usually inches for .PDF and .DWF files and paper space layouts, but for other types, such as .PLT, Raster, .DGN, or .DWG, it could be other units such as millimeters, centimeters, or feet. The default value comes from the size of the entities in the .DWG stamp file. If the default value is not correct, enter the correct value in this field.

The size used when creating the stamp will be saved, so that it will default to the same value the next time the stamp is added from the recent list of stamps.

Transparent Background

Mark this checkbox to make the background of the stamp transparent. If the checkbox is cleared, the stamp will not be transparent, so you should not have to deal with wipeouts or solid fills in the stamp (.DWG) file.

Stamp Contents

This section lists the various attributes that are in the stamp. Some attributes are editable, while others are not.

Touch up stamp

Mark this checkbox if the stamp looks blurry or grainy. When a stamp is added from a .DWG file, Project Center converts the stamp into a raster image and inserts it into the drawing. The stamp is treated like an image, so you can resize it. However, enlarging the stamp may degrade image quality. If you edit the stamp and mark this checkbox, the stamp image will be regenerated so that the resolution will be appropriate for the current size of the viewing area.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:

        From the Markup Tools panel of the Newforma Viewer, click the icon, and select a .DWG stamp file from the drop-down list.

        Right-click on a stamp in the Newforma Viewer and click Properties.


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