Newforma Project Center Tray Tool

Right-click on the Newforma Project Center Tray Tool (its icon is located in the Windows Taskbar at the bottom right corner of the screen) to do the following:

        To open Project Center if it is minimized, select Open Project.

        To start a new Project Center session, select Start Newforma Project Center.

        To open the Newforma Contact Directory, select Open Newforma Contact Directory.

        To request a file transfer, select Request File Transfer.

        To transfer project files via your Newforma Info Exchange Server, select Send File Transfer.

        To search a project, select Search to open the Newforma Project Search Tool.

        To capture a section of the screen and open it in the Newforma Viewer, select Snapshot to use the Newforma Snapshot Tool.

You can configure the double-click and minimize behavior of the Newforma Project Center Tray Tool using the Set Preferences dialog box.


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