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Missing Contract Management Item dialog box

Use this dialog box to select which existing contract management item for which you want to receive a response via Newforma to Newforma (N2N). Select the item, then click OK to link it to the corresponding item.


This dialog box is part of N2N for the case in which two companies create contract management items (submittals, for example) in their projects before an N2N connection is established, but connect the projects via N2N at a later time. In this scenario, the review responses for those submittals can't make it across N2N to the other company because they were created before the N2N connection, and therefore have different database IDs.

When company A performs a respond and close for an item that existed prior to an N2N connection (or if the item was deleted), the user at company B can click the link in the notifying email message to open this dialog box and pull the response into the system and choose which item to link it to.

Filter All Columns

You can filter by any text that appears in any of the columns. For example, if you know the subject (or part of the subject) of the item that you are searching for (or the status, priority, assignee, etc.), enter at least part of the text in this field. The list updates automatically as you type. For example, if the item you are searching for has the number 30 somewhere in one of the columns, enter 30 in this field. The list will be narrowed down to only items that have the number 30 somewhere in one of the columns.

1   You can filter each column to narrow down the list to find particular items. Some of the filters have checkbox options, and other fields allow you type directly in them.

Click to toggle between showing and hiding the column filter fields.


Click to clear all filters.


To access this dialog box

This dialog box opens when the recipient clicks the link below for any contract management item that is sent via N2N and encounters the problem described above.