Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Select Destination Folder dialog box

Use this dialog box to select a Project Center project and folder in which to save either the entire contents or the individual files of a file transfer, transmittal, or record copy. Select the project from the left column.

Project List

If the Project Center project you want to save the file to does not appear in the this column, click to open the Select a Project dialog box to select the project you want to save the files to.

My Computer

Click to open the Browse for Folder dialog box if you want to save the files to any Windows folder outside of Project Center.

Folders list

Select the project folder in which to save the files.

File Into Subfolder by Date

1   This option is only available when dragging and dropping an image file into the Project Images activity center.

Mark this checkbox to save the file to a new subfolder (under the selected folder) based on the date. Once this option is enabled, you can edit the name of the subfolder.

Create Folder

Click to open the Create New Folder dialog box to create a new folder in which to extract the files. The folder is added to the Windows file system.


Click to save the files in the destination folder.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways: