Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Project Publisher Overview

1   You must be a Project Center administrator to publish a project. Your site must have a Newforma Contract Management license to publish contract management items.

Project Publisher enables you to package selected project documents to archive a project at defined milestones as well as publish a project (also known as project closeout or handover) to your clients at the end of the project. It enables you to select the information you’d like to publish (including record documents, submittals, change orders, and other project items), set the appearance of the information, and then publish the results as .PDF or .HTML files to an optical disk or network folder.

After publishing a project, you’ll have access to:

        A document made up of a title page and a table of contents, which acts as a directory to the information;

        Documentation files about the construction, operations, or maintenance of the building;

        A log of the final record documents, submittals, RFIs, change orders, etc. for the project along with associated files.

You can publish the following types of project data:

        Contract management items

        Daily reports

        Document sets

        Field notes

        Meeting minutes

        Models and elements

        Project team

        Punch lists

        Record documents

        Site visits

        Space items

1   Contract Management items include the final sent transmittal record copy files and can include the original received record copies as well.



All of the templates in the following list must be present in the templates folder, whether you use the default Project Center templates folder or your own modified versions of these templates in another system folder. No templates can be missing.





        Change Order ProposalsLogView.docx


        Construction Change Directives.docx


        Cost CodesLogView.docx

        Daily ReportsLogView.docx

        Field NotesLogView.docx

        Heading1.docx - template for the title bar in the templates

        ProjectPublisherTitlePage.docx - title page

        ProjectPublisherTOC.docx - table of contents page


        Proposal RequestsLogView.docx


        RecordDocumentByIssueLogView.docx - record documents (Document Control) grouped by issue

        RecordDocumentLogView.docx - record documents (Document Control)

        RecordDocumentLogViewByPurpose.docx - record documents (Document Control) grouped by purpose


        Site VisitsLogview.docx



        Supplemental InstructionsLogView.docx


Getting started

From the Activities list or the Project Home activity center, click Project Publisher to open the Publish Project Information dialog box to begin publishing the project.

1   If you do not see the Project Publisher option, add it using the Edit Project Home Contents dialog box.