Send RFI Response page

Use this page to send an RFI response via Info Exchange.

Send RFI Response


The ID number of the RFI.


The subject of the RFI response. By default, the RFI subject is filled in, but you can edit the field as needed.


The recipient of the response. By default, the sender of the action item is selected, but you can select other recipients as needed. Click the drop-down arrow to open the Select Project Team Members as Recipients dialog box.


Any additional recipients of the response. Click the drop-down arrow to open the Select Project Team Members as Recipients dialog box.


The action taken on the RFI. Click the drop-down arrow to select an action.


Enter your response to the RFI.


Set the reminder options to notify recipients if they have not downloaded the transmittal associated with the item. Mark the appropriate checkboxes to have the reminder sent to you, to the recipients, or to both. Once you select an option, you can select the date when the reminder will be sent. If neither checkbox is selected, no reminders are sent.

Reminders to internal project team members are sent daily per project. Reminders to external project team members are sent once. For example, if an external project team member has not downloaded a file transfer, and reminders are set for that file transfer, the external project team member will get only one reminder, on the reminder date.


Use this area to add files to the item.

Add Files

Select to open the Choose File to Upload dialog box and select files to transfer.

Remove All Files

Select to remove all files from the transfer.

Drag-and-Drop Files Here

Drag and drop files from Windows to this box to add them to the transfer.

Send Response

Click to send the RFI response and return to the My RFI Actions log.


To access this page

Click Send Response from an RFI Action page.

If RFIs are not available to you, see Make a Project Center Project and Its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.


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