RFI Action page

This page shows the details of a contract management workflow action taken on an RFI.

Action is the type of action performed. Types of RFI actions include Received, Forwarded, Response, Review Response, Pending Review Response, Sent, Closed, Sent and Closed, and Reopened.

RFI Action

The following list contains all available fields for all of the types of RFI actions. Each RFI action contains a different subset of these fields.


The subject of the RFI.


The recipient of the current RFI action. Select the link to open the Contact Information dialog box.


Any other contacts included in the RFI action.


The contact who assigned the RFI action.


The ID number of the RFI.

Sender ID

The ID the sender gave to the RFI.


The purpose of the RFI.

Transmittal ID

The ID number of the RFI's corresponding transmittal.

Date Received/Sent/Closed

The date the relevant action occurred.


The method used to transfer the RFI.


When a response to the RFI is due.


Question tab

This tab contains the RFI question and any suggestions entered for the RFI.

Files tab

This tab lists any electronic files included with the item. An asterisk (*) indicates that files are included with the item.

Download All Contents

Select to download all of the transferred files at once. You have the option of opening the files or saving them.

Download Selected Contents

Mark the checkboxes of the folders or files you want to download, then select this button to download them. You have the option of opening the files or saving them.

Configure Cloud Delivery

Opens the Configure Cloud Delivery dialog box and allows you to configure Info Exchange to download file transfers to your cloud storage account. For more information, please see the Cloud Delivery overview.


The name of the file.


The file type.


The size of the file.

Date Modified

The date the file was last modified.

Files that appear on the Files tab also appear as a transfer on the Related Items tab.

Contents tab

This tab lists the contents of the action.


The quantity of the item included with the action.


The date the item was received.


The item number.


The item description.


Any action taken for the item.


Any remarks entered about the item.


Email Log tab

This tab lists all email messages associated with the item.


The    icon indicates the email message is marked as important.


The    icon indicates the email message contains an attachment.


The original subject line of the email. Select the subject of an email message to view it in the Email Preview page.


Displays the first part of the email message.


Displays the original sender of the email.


Displays the recipient list for the email.


Displays the original sent date for the email.


Displays the file size of the email.

Preview Email Messages

Mark this checkbox to display a portion of the email messages below their subjects.


Page Tools

The following tools are available in the RFI Action page toolbar.

RFI: <RFI name>

Select to return to the RFI page.

This option is only available to Project Center (internal) users.


Select to return to the My RFI Actions log.

Internal users are returned to the RFI log.

Send Response

Select to open the Send RFI Response page to send a response to an RFI.

Markup and Respond

Select to open the Newforma Web Viewer to view the attached files, mark up with any comments and send the response.

View Form

Select to open a printable version of this page.


To access this page

Select an RFI action from the My RFI Actions log, or an action from the Workflow tab of an RFI page.

If RFIs are not available to you, see Make a Project Center Project and Its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.




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